English 1A – Essay 2

English 1A – Essay 2 – Spring 2018

Here are some handouts and materials to help you organize and write Essay 2:

Required reading assignments for Essay 2:

Critical reading tips & tricks for The Book of Unknown Americans, English 1A, other courses:

  1. Preview
    • Judge a book by its cover
    • Check how it is divided, organized
    • Find your purpose for reading
  2. Activate prior knowledge
    • What do you already know?
    • What do you need to know?
  3. Read out loud
    • Imagine you are the character
    • Or imagine hearing their voices
    • Act out the chapter
  4. Annotate & take notes
    • What is important?
    • Write questions
    • Define new vocabulary
    • Make connections
  5. Discuss
    • Converse or argue with each character
    • Write back to the characters or author
    • Teach yourself (teach others)
    • Debate the topics & events of the book
  6. Research
    • Use multimedia (audio, video, etc) to enhance your understanding