Chaffey Event Review

English 1A – Chaffey Event Review – coming soon

Attend one event at Chaffey College this semester and write a detailed analytical review of the event (2+ pages, 4-6 paragraphs, typed).

  • final draft (2+ pages, typed, 5 pts.) due ___________
  • When you write your review, answer all of the following questions in detail:
    1. What was the event?
    2. Where did it take place? When did it take place?
    3. How many students do you think attended?
    4. What were the responses or reactions of those who attended?
    5. What were the strengths of the event? How could the event have been improved
    6. What information related to this class or your other classes did the event provide?
    7. What connections did you make between the event and your classes?
    8. How did the event affect your understanding of Chaffey College?
    9. Would you recommend this event to a friend if it were scheduled again? Why or why not?

upcoming events: